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iCAD Text Paging System

iCAD Text Paging System is a service provided here free of charge. You will receive push notifications on your phone via an App called Pushover

How It Works

  1. The communication center sends out tones for a call when it is dispatched.
  2. The tones are picked up by our scanner, and sent to iCAD which decodes the tones.
  3. iCAD then sends a audio push message with the page to Pushover.
  4. iCAD also posts the page to the front page of this site as a "Today's Call".

Sign Up

Download the Pushover App for you device. Here

The app starts out with a 30 day free trial, but then cost a one time fee of $5.

Subscribing to an Agency.

Navigate to the subscription page, and click the link below the agency you wish to follow.

Removing a Agency from Paging alerts.

In the Pushover App on your device, you can unsubscribe from any of the lists you are subscribed to.